Posted by: Brian Powers | May 13, 2009

HUD Announces $8000 First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit Can Be Used Towards Down Payment

Great news for First Time Home Buyers today. HUD has made an announcement that sweetens the deal with regards to the $8000 First Time Home Buyers tax credit.  The credit can now be utilized at closing towards the buyers down payment, significantly reducing the amount of out-of-pocket costs to the buyer.

If you know someone who is renting, please have them contact me so we can schedule an appointment to perform a rent vs. buy analysis for them. No pressure to buy, just a consultation to see if it makes sense for them to take advantage of this incredible buyers market.

For more information about the $8000 First Time Buyers tax credit, please see my previous blog post:

Enhanced Tax Credit Provides Outstanding Opportunity for Home Buyers

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Search the MLS


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