Posted by: Brian Powers | April 28, 2010

How well does your home show the first time a buyer views it?

By and large, buyers start there search for a new home online.  Most statistics have the number pegged in excess of 90% of buyers.  So in effect, when you have a home listed for sale, your first showing takes place without you even knowing it…online.

If your home shows well online it will lead to more buyers actually walking through your home to see it in person (and hopefully buy it!).

Sounds simple, but it is appalling to look at some of the listings in the MLS and see the total disregard that some agents have for taking appealing photos of the home that highlight is best characteristics.  Sellers deserve better and should demand more of their agent.

Take a look at the photos of a listing I came across today while browsing the MLS.  Is their anything appealing about these photos that would get a would-be buyer excited about the possibilities of looking at this home in person?

Nice house...but what's with the truck?

Just in case a buyer is wondering where the washer and dryer go?

I'm sure this is a nice bathroom, but 2/3's of the photo is taken up by the entry door, shower door and mirror. And nice reflection in the shower of yourself taking the photo.

Wow...the door opening to a closet!

Note to agent, when you stand in front of a mirror and take a photo, you are photographing yourself taking a photo. Also, thanks for verifiying there is nothing floating in the toilet.

Again with the mirror...but hey, at least the toilet is closed this time!

Sellers, you should never accept such laziness from your agent.  Make sure you are working with someone who understands that the first presentation of your home takes place online and showcases your home accordingly.

Feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance.

Brian Powers or (248)379-1750


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