Posted by: Brian Powers | July 13, 2010

Home Buyers…Use Mapping to Enhance Your Home Search and Increase Your Productivity

The home buying process is supposed to be fun. Exciting.  Something to be enjoyed.  In my experience most home buyers truly enjoy the experience of buying a new home.  It can, however, have it’s ups and downs along the way.  Losing out on your dream home to a higher bid,  or having to back out on a home purchase due to problems with your home inspection are problems that occur from time to time.  And while they may be a little disappointing to a home buyer, they rarely ruin the experience of buying a home.

I have found one of the quickest ways for a home buyer to grow frustrated with the home buying process is to spend hours online looking at home listings to get the list down to the most desirable listings that fit their criteria. The home buyer then spends another couple hours driving around with their real estate agent looking at the homes, only to find not a single prospect in the batch.

Sometimes you just can’t tell if a home is a good fit or not without seeing it. That’s understandable and to be expected. But oftentimes with just a few minutes of due diligence in front of a computer, a home buyer can get a better idea of how a home might line up with their needs, and might even be able to save time and frustration by being able to toss out listings without even looking at them…saving time and frustration.

I recommend buyers embrace the technology tools they have at their disposal, specifically mapping.  Room sizes, layout, granite counters, hardwood floors and finished basements are all important things to consider when buying a home. But so are location, neighborhood and surrounding areas.  All the premium upgrades in the world won’t matter much to a home buyer if the home backs up to a junkyard, or sits next to a Walmart, etc.  A quick check of the property address on a mapping program (I prefer Bing Maps at and use the Birds Eye View), can ensure the neighborhood and surrounding area meet your criteria before investing the time in going to see the house.

Here are some examples:

Make sure you don't mind Power Lines in your back yard before seeing this home.

Do you want your home to back up to I-94?

Gorgeous Backyard View of a...Strip Mall


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